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  1. TagsForAll 4.2.4 (Demo)
  2. TagsForAll : Using this application you can add various keywords to the files stored on your computer so you can organize and find them easier

  3. Data Crow 4.2.2 (GNU Public License)
  4. Data Crow : Catalog all your movies, images, software,containers, books, audio CDs, music albums, media files and manage them from a single place

  5. Camel Disc Catalog (Time-limited Trial)
  6. Camel Disc Catalog : Clear-cut and simple-to-use application which provides a means of cataloguing removable media and directories on your hard drive

  7. My Music Collection (Demo)
  8. My Music Collection : Using this application you can manage your music collection, select audio tracks from a CD or add information manually to your catalog

  9. Coin Catalog Pro 2.4.7 (Demo)
  10. Coin Catalog Pro : A simple and easy to understand software utility designed to assist you in easily creating a complete catalog of your coin collection

  11. Collector's Gateway-(Yugioh) 1.2.0 (Time-limited Trial)
  12. Collector's Gateway-(Yugioh) : An efficient way to manage your Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection, and even create your own checklist for online auctions to enrich your collection

  13. CCCalc 2.4 (Freeware)
  14. CCCalc : A stylish sheet calculator that can handle standard mathematical operations, store values in the local memory, and save the current data to its specific file format

  15. Movienizer 10.0 Build 566 (Demo)
  16. Movienizer : Comprehensive database management tool for movies, featuring advanced sorting, search, backup and restore, statistics and reports and more

  17. Optimax 2.0 2.0 (Shareware)
  18. This software is one of the best training log available. It will automatically do...

  19. Do it yourself - Werden Sie Ihr eigener Produzent eBook (Shareware)
  20. German language only!

  21. Die Ebay PowerSeller Geheimnisse eBook (Shareware)
  22. German language only.

  23. Idunware Beer 1.0 (Shareware)
  24. Idunware Beer is for people who enjoy beer and want to find the good beer again.

  25. Car Troubleshooter (PPC) 1.0 (Shareware)
  26. Car Troubleshooter is a mini-expert system. It allows finding of the causes of a

  27. Arzttricks eBook, PDF-Form (Shareware)
  28. German language only.

  29. PassSafe 2.9 (WIN) (Shareware)
  30. Constantly forgetting your passwords? Who hasn't these days? PassSafe is a password...

  31. Forex Smart Pips Trading System (Shareware)
  32. As a trader, you must be willing to admit that it is difficult to Forex Trading.

  33. Rezepte f r die Traumfigur (Shareware)
  34. "Gesund Abnehmen ohne Verzicht" - so h?tte man dieses 177 Seiten starke Werk von...

  35. Die wahren Geheimnisse der Erfolgreichen ebb-0812-017 (Shareware)
  36. Please see german general description!

  37. Love Calculator Pro for Mac (Shareware)
  38. DescriptionTry love tests with Love Calculator Pro !Love Calculator Pro is a serious...

  39. MapView (Shareware)
  40. MapView is the only solution to view large maps on your Palm handheld with high speed...

  41. Millionenmarkt Internetdomains (Shareware)
  42. Ende der 90er Jahre behauptete Bill Gates einmal: „Domains werden schneller im Wert...

  43. Love Calculator Pro for Win (Shareware)
  44. DescriptionTry love tests with Love Calculator Pro !Love Calculator Pro is a serious...

  45. CoinManage (CD-ROM) 2003 (Shareware)
  46. CoinManage is a program for managing your coin collection. Features include a database...

  47. Master Chef 2008 - Learning Edition 3.0.20 (Shareware)
  48. Note: Master Chef is not compatible with Windows Vista.Master Chef has a standard...

  49. 1.0 (Shareware)
  50. Hilfe um Kosten beim Zahnersatz zu sparen

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