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  1. UplBatteryExtender 2.0 (Shareware)
  2. UplBatteryExtender : A software utility that increases the time laptop works on battery

  3. iCoverArt 2.3 (Demo)
  4. iCoverArt : Automatically download and embed cover artwork in iTunes songs.

  5. Duplicate Music Files Finder 1.6 (Freeware)
  6. Duplicate Music Files Finder : Compact piece of software designed to help you look for duplicate files using different search methods (file name, file size, CRC matches or advanced file matching)

  7. iPod Computer Wizard 8.3 (Demo)
  8. iPod Computer Wizard : This small and handy application allows users to easily transfer their music and photo collections from their iPod to their computer

  9. MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth (Demo)
  10. MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth : Complete your album artwork collection with the highest quality covers with this easy to use application that allows you to drag and drop files

  11. Indian Radio 1.0 (Shareware)
  12. Indian Radio : A simple-to-use application that comprises a handy set of features for helping you access and play online radio stations and TV channels from India

  13. Lotto007 Prediction Expert 2019 (Demo)
  14. Lotto007 Prediction Expert : An application designed to helps users predict the next lottery drawings by analyzing the lucky numbers drawn in a specific period of time

  15. AALog 3.9.0 Build 1288 (Time-limited Trial)
  16. AALog : Quickly create comprehensive activity logs for radio station transmissions and callsigns, using this reliable logger application

  17. MediaWidget - Easy iPod Transfer 8.0.100 Build 5297 (Time-limited Trial)
  18. MediaWidget : Easy iPod Transfer : An intuitive and reliable software that enables you to transfer music, photos, videos and playlists from iPod to PC or to iTunes

  19. Cool Mp3 Splitter Joiner Tool 2.25 (Shareware)
  20. Splits small part from a large audio file!Merges multiple audio files to a large

  21. Pizzicato 3.03 (Commercial)
  22. Compose, write, listen to, record and print your music on PC.

  23. UltraMixer Advanced Edition 2.0.13 (Shareware)
  24. UltraMixer is a mixing software for digital djs.

  25. PC Satellite TV Pro (Shareware)
  26. Watch over 5000 TV stations and over 1000+ radio stations on your PC or Laptop for...

  27. Blade And Lame MP3 Encoder Active X Controls 2.0 (Shareware)
  28. Active X Controls To Encode Wave files to Mp3 files. The Controls are built in C++...

  29. oRipa Screen Recorder 1.2.2 (Freeware)
  30. oRipa Screen Recorder captures your activity on your PC screen. You can record sound...

  31. Pulse Master Standard (Shareware)
  32. Pulse Master Standard features :- unlimited playback and recording duration- loop...

  33. Ambience Extractor Plug-In Adobe Premiere 4.2 (Shareware)
  34. If your soundtrack sounds dull, spice it up with the Ambience Extractor. Enhances...

  35. CSPRO-64 Additional Unit - 1 master unit A (Shareware)
  36. additional slave unit

  37. XI Combination Systems Standard (Freeware)
  38. XI.Graffix offers a media manager that you have never experienced it before.

  39. CSPRO-64 Additional Unit - 1 master unit B (Shareware)
  40. additional slave unit

  41. iPod Media Download Membership - Premier Membership with Full Download Access (Shareware)
  42. Unlimited Downloads No Per Download Fees Highest Media Quality Digital Quality Sound...

  43. Best Duplicate MP3 Finder 7.54 (Shareware)
  44. Best Duplicate MP3 Finder - Find Duplicate MP3 with best Duplicate MP3 Finder

  45. TouchJams 2.3 (Shareware)
  46. TouchJams allows you to easily turn your Windows PC into a digital jukebox.

  47. iSpring Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter 5.7 (Freeware)
  48. Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter - Professional Flash movies in one click.

  49. Pulse Master Pro WR (Shareware)
  50. Pulse Master Pro WR features :- unlimited playback and recording duration- loop playback...

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