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  1. ZigBee Operator 1.3.0 (Time-limited Trial)
  2. ZigBee Operator : Test ZigBee/XBee remotely via the network, save properties in a database, view the mesh topology in a graphical representation, and more

  3. SpyStudio (Freeware)
  4. SpyStudio : Explore and learn more about the processes that occur in your operating system and compare traces of working apps with the ones that present issue

  5. MiTeC EXE Explorer (Freeware)
  6. MiTeC EXE Explorer : A lightweight and portable application that helps users gather information about executable files (e.g. sections, directories, classes, packages, version info), and export data to a plain text file

  7. Bee Explorer (Freeware)
  8. Bee Explorer : Search for, discover and learn more about the ZigBee nodes in your vicinity with this lightweight and straightforward software solution

  9. HateML Pro (Freeware)
  10. HateML Pro : HateML Pro is a free and powerful PHP IDE with support for XHTML and CSS for both professional and novice alike

  11. EQATEC Profiler (Demo)
  12. EQATEC Profiler : Locate performance bottlenecks easily in your .NET Compact Framework application

  13. Auto Debug for x64 (Freeware)
  14. Auto Debug for x64 : An API monitor tool which can automatic tracing all apis and ActiveX interface input and output parameter

  15. StraceNT (Freeware)
  16. StraceNT : StraceNT : trace all the calls made by a process to the imported functions from a DLL

  17. RQ Debugger IDE (Freeware)
  18. RQ Debugger IDE : An editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic

  19. Debugging Tools (Freeware)
  20. Debugging Tools : A collection of reliable tools that helps users analyze failures and issues in their operating system, as well as in their applications

  21. DLL Export Viewer (Freeware)
  22. DLL Export Viewer : View the list of exported functions in a well-organized table, along with the corresponding memory addresses and filenames, thanks to this simple app

  23. JavaScript HTML Debugger PRO Edition (Demo)
  24. JavaScript HTML Debugger PRO Edition : JavaScript HTML Debugger is an award-winning JavaScript Debugger that enables you to easily edit/debug JavaScript and VBScript

  25. Mono for Windows ly (MIT License)
  26. Mono for Windows : Develop and run .NET client or server applications and launch binaries created with Visual Studio without compiling, be it .NET, Java or Python-based

  27. WinGDB (Time-limited Trial)
  28. WinGDB : Develop applications using GNU tools with this lightweight Microsoft Visual Studio extension that provides numerous debugging tools

  29. USBlyzer 2.2 Build 100 (Time-limited Trial)
  30. USBlyzer : A handy and reliable application that allows you to monitor USB activity, along with any changes that might occur during computer runtime

  31. Easy JAVA to Source Converter (Time-limited Trial)
  32. Easy JAVA to Source Converter : Decompiler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files using batch processing actions

  33. AgileJ StructureViews (Time-limited Trial)
  34. AgileJ StructureViews : More insight into the design within your code at next-to-zero effort

  35. Regex Match Tracer (Time-limited Trial)
  36. Regex Match Tracer : Bring a little order in programming language text strings or large text documents by using custom regular expressions with this powerful utility

  37. Hardware ID Extractor - DLL + source code (Shareware)
  38. This program shows data about your computer's hardware: - Hard drive ID (unique hardware...

  39. Assembler IDE (Freeware)
  40. Assembler IDE : Designed with simplicity in mind, this utility lets you write code using an assembly language, as well as compile and debug it with a minimal amount of effort

  41. Bontq 1.0 (Commercial)
  42. Bontq is a bug & issue tracking system and a project management tool

  43. Atomic VBA Password Recovery (Commercial)
  44. Recover password for VBA scripts for Word and Excel

  45. Bricksoft IM SDK For .NET - [AIM] Framework Professional Version (for two corporat (Shareware)
  46. the im power of being bricksoft

  47. BC Bug Tracker 5.01 (Demo)
  48. BC Bug Tracker is a web enabled Bug Tracking and Quality Control System that suits for small business and powerfull enough

  49. Select Printer & Switch Printer exe plugin (Shareware)
  50. It offers both the classical printer plugin and the switch printer Execute scripts...

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