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  1. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 2019 - 1.20.0 - [ (5410)] (Freeware)
  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 : A fully-featured disc burning and ripping utility that enables you to create all kinds of data CDs and DVDs, as well as backup your files and design case covers

  3. GetElTorito 1.1 (Freeware)
  4. GetElTorito : Extract an El Torito default boot image from an ISO CD/DVD image by turning to this lightweight, portable app that comes with a CLI

  5. DeUHD (Demo)
  6. DeUHD : Rip ultra-high definition movies to your PC so that you can enjoy them on Smart TVs and other devices capable of 4K display with this tool

  7. TuneFab DVD Ripper 1.0.16 (Time-limited Trial)
  8. TuneFab DVD Ripper : Convert the DVD movies to common MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MP3 formats and backup them to PC folders easily with this neat looking app

  9. 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper 3,2,9 (Demo)
  10. 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper : Rip all of your favorite Blu-ray quality movies fast and efficiently while also performing some editing features with the help of this neat application

  11. UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption 7.2.0 (Time-limited Trial)
  12. UkeySoft CD DVD Encryption : A CD DVD Encryption software to password protect and encrypt your data CD and DVD from unauthorized viewing that comes in a lightweight package

  13. Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate (Demo)
  14. Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate : Rip and back up DVDs and Blu-ray discs then convert and trim your videos with the help of this piece of software that packs a complex feature set

  15. Shining DVD Converter 6.6.6 (Demo)
  16. Shining DVD Converter : Convert your DVDs to a file format of your choice and make sure its contents are playable on any device by resorting to this powerful tool

  17. CDR Info 1.19 (Freeware)
  18. CDR Info : A lightweight piece of software that allows you to effortlessly obtain various information about the characteristics of your Plextor device

  19. FindVUK 1.24 (Freeware)
  20. FindVUK : Get the VUK (Volume Unique Key) of all the Blu-rays supported by DVDFab applications by turning to this lightweight, portable tool

  21. DVDFab UHD Drive Tool (Demo)
  22. DVDFab UHD Drive Tool : an extremely easy-to-use Firmware Downgrading Tool to help you dump the current firmware on your 4K UHD drive for your Bluray discs

  23. DVDFab UHD Copy (Demo)
  24. DVDFab UHD Copy : Copy and compress unprotected 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies with the help of this app that promises to carry out the task without any quality loss

  25. Drive Director .NET 12.1 (Demo)
  26. Drive Director .NET : Burn all optical discs with images and driver tools with the help of this proprietary CD and DVD burning and management solution

  27. DVDFab UHD Ripper (Demo)
  28. DVDFab UHD Ripper : Rip 4K Ultra Blu-ray discs and convert their contents to MKV or M2TS with the help of this powerful piece of software that promises flawless video quality

  29. Jack! The Knife Blackthorn (Demo)
  30. Jack! The Knife : Enables you to play music from the hard drive, as well as extract audio contents from CDs and convert songs from one format to another

  31. DVDFab Inspector (Freeware)
  32. DVDFab Inspector : Collect details about CD/DVD/BD hardware and media, get information about your computer, as well as view a list with the files detected on your device

  33. CDDisabler 1.0 (Freeware)
  34. CDDisabler : Play games without CDs by patching the ‘GetDriveTypeA/W’ function in any program in order to check whether a given parameter (drive) is a CD/USB/HDD or another option

  35. 7converter 2.2.0 (Freeware)
  36. 7converter : A practical Windows installation disc converter that makes the entire transfer to ISO or USB process as simple and as fast as possible

  37. TDMore DVD to AVI Converter (Freeware)
  38. TDMore DVD to AVI Converter : An efficient and straightforward program that you can use to convert the movies from your DVDs to AVI format videos in little to no time

  39. Reuschtools CopyCD 1.4 (Freeware)
  40. Reuschtools CopyCD : With this small and intuitive application, you can quickly copy the media contents of various discs, be they CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays

  41. MultiGame ISO Creator 4.0.4F+ (Freeware)
  42. MultiGame ISO Creator : Lightweight and portable program that helps you create multi-game ISO images or extract games from such a file quickly and effortlessly

  43. Soft4Boost Burning Studio 5.5.3 Build 219 (Demo)
  44. Soft4Boost Burning Studio : Burn data discs, DVD video files, audio CDs, copy discs, manage ISO files and much more, with this comprehensive and intuitive application

  45. Soft4Boost DVD Cloner 6.3.1 Build 273 (Demo)
  46. Soft4Boost DVD Cloner : An intuitive and user-friendly application designed to copy DVD content to your computer while preserving the quality of the original files

  47. Casper ISO Creator 1.0 Build 2600 (Freeware)
  48. Casper ISO Creator : Lightweight and portable software application that quickly creates ISO image files from CD and DVD content, using low system resources

  49. GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption 4.2.0 (Demo)
  50. GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption : Effortlessly encrypt entire partitions on your hard drive, and even portable storage devices, with this lightweight and intuitive application

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