Business Free Downloads

  1. PDF to JPG 14.1 Build 053 (Demo)
  2. PDF to JPG : Convert PDF files to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GID, PCX and TGA and keep the appearance of the original file after converting to images
  3. Extract Text After Or Before Search Word Software 7.0 (Demo)
  4. Extract Text After Or Before Search Word Software : Extract text from text files before and/or after specified characters
  5. Convert Multiple PDF Files To TIFF Files Software 7.0 (Demo)
  6. Convert Multiple PDF Files To TIFF Files Software : Create multiple TIFF files from multiple PDF files.
  7. iNFekt NFO viewer 1.0.1 (GNU Public License)
  8. iNFekt NFO viewer : A simple-to-use program that helps you open NFO files, switch between three different viewing modes, and save the information to PNG, HTML, PDF, or plain text file format
  9. TNT SoftWorks TabPad 1.1 (Freeware)
  10. TNT SoftWorks TabPad : Compose multiple drafts at the same time, edit the composition, and personalize it with images and lists, as well as save items in various file formats

Desktop Free Downloads

  1. 360.3D Project 6.1 (Shareware)
  2. 360.3D Project is a strong virtual tour authoring and java viewing environment
  3. NameSaver 1.1 (Freeware)
  4. NameSaver : NameSaver displays text items like names or quotes, waving over your screen.
  5. Business Office Icons 1.0 (Freeware)
  6. Business Office Icons : A package of no less than 50 business office icons and website icons.
  7. Bear 1.58 (Freeware)
  8. Bear : Get information about the usage of all GDI Objects and User Objects for running processes, automatically refresh the information, and send email notifications
  9. TopThemes Manager 2.0.0523 (Time-limited Trial)
  10. TopThemes Manager is easy to use for editing, deleting & making desktop themes

Education Free Downloads

  1. LAStools (Shareware)
  2. LAStools : A tool pack for processing Light Detection And Ranging data
  3. Light polarization and Fresnel laws (Freeware)
  4. Light polarization and Fresnel laws : Study light polarization with this software.
  5. Mars Previewer II 2.01 (Freeware)
  6. Mars Previewer II : Previews Mars position in the sky, relaying additional data like polar axis tilt and central meridian position compared to Earth's
  7. Balls & Sticks 1.77c Stable / 1.80 Beta (Freeware)
  8. Balls & Sticks : Create 3D images and animations of crystal structure by combining atoms and generating polyhedra, import data from CIF files, and customize the composition and aspect of the model
  9. relax 4.1.0 (GNU Public License)
  10. relax : Molecular dynamics studying tool that can analyze large NMR data sets, providing support for various models and using Python as its main language

Games Free Downloads

  1. EBook Maestro STANDARD 1.80 (Time-limited Trial)
  2. EBook Maestro STANDARD : Compile and generate executable ebooks with digital information, which include a simple or more complex table of contents that can be personalized with different elements
  3. Silent Install Builder (Time-limited Trial)
  4. Silent Install Builder : A simple utility that allows you to install a set of programs on multiple computers by generating a silent installer containing various setup packages
  5. The MagicBook Version 5 Full Version (Shareware)
  6. The MagicBook is an electronic coloring book with twist!
  7. Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver 10.0 (Time-limited Trial)
  8. Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver : Design a personalized screensaver by using different pictures, switch between four individual modes, as well as customize it with popular soundtracks and transition effects
  9. NvinInstaller (Freeware)
  10. NvinInstaller : Bundle your projects in an easy to use installer to create a proper first impression to end users with the help of this lightweight set of tools

Graphics Free Downloads

  1. QRCOPY 1.1.30623 Beta (Freeware)
  2. QRCOPY : This is a smart application designed for modern phones that can copy and paste data between your computer and your phone based on QR codes
  3. Easy CAD to SVG Converter (Time-limited Trial)
  4. Easy CAD to SVG Converter : Short description: Convert CAD drawings to SVG format without the need for AutoCAD using this simple tool with support for DWG, DXF and DWF file types
  5. Quick Pop Menu 1.2.7 (Freeware)
  6. Quick Pop Menu : Manage a menu with multiple programs to seamlessly launch from the system tray area, change their order in the list, and add new file extensions
  7. Wolves Windows 7 Theme (Freeware)
  8. Wolves Windows 7 Theme : This official themepack will bring to your desktop, the beauty of wild wolves
  9. Pyramids and the Sphinx Windows 7 Theme 1.0 (Freeware)
  10. Pyramids and the Sphinx Windows 7 Theme : Beautify your desktop with this Egyptian pyramids theme.

Family Free Downloads

  1. Serial Typer 1.2 (Freeware)
  2. Serial Typer : A small application that will allow you to copy and paste serials into the registration box.
  3. Basic Math Decoded 1.20 (Freeware)
  4. Basic Math Decoded : A small-sized and efficient software utility specifically designed to help children practice mathematics using a step-by-step learning method
  5. F2S 1.0 (Freeware)
  6. F2S : Intuitive conversion for length, mass, volume, and area relying on Imperial, and Metric measuring systems, with results displayed in real time
  7. Prankster Professional (formerly Fake An Error) 1.0.4574.20366 (Freeware)
  8. Prankster Professional (formerly Fake An Error) : Easily generate fake errors and fool your friends
  9. Rocrail Revision 15081 (Freeware)
  10. Rocrail : Model railroad control system that comes with support for automatic and manual modes for controlling trains, schedules, modular layout, and server-client architecture

Internet Free Downloads

  1. Tray Weather 1.3.2 (OpenSource under LGPL)
  2. Tray Weather : View local weather information in the system tray, obtain forecasts and access a convenient weather map, with this intuitive, open-source application
  3. Rclone 1.46 (MIT License)
  4. Rclone : Seamlessly copy and synchronize the files and folders in multiple cloud storage you use at the same time using this command line app
  5. Parallels Access 4.0.4 (32916) (Time-limited Trial)
  6. Parallels Access : Set up a connection between your computer and your Android or iOS device and control the PC remotely using this easy-to-configure application
  7. Festify 0.2.10 Alpha (Freeware)
  8. Festify : Create engaging and fun music parties and select the upcoming tunes via your smartphone with the help of this intuitive and clever, Spotify-based app
  9. Remote Computer Description Updater (Freeware)
  10. Remote Computer Description Updater : A simple and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you change the description of your local computer or that of a remote PC

Programming Free Downloads

  1. CodingEditor (GNU Public License)
  2. CodingEditor : Edit source code for projects written with an impressive array of programming languages, compile, and export your work with this practical editor
  3. RTD Tool Customer 2.1 Beta 1 (Freeware)
  4. RTD Tool Customer : Debug chipsets and rewrite the firmware / re-program them according to your needs with the help of this comprehensive programming application
  5. HT Hex Editor (Freeware)
  6. HT Hex Editor : View and edit files in hexadecimal, decimal and octal mode using this portable tool with support for multiple encoding and translation methods
  7. CollabNet GitEye 2.1.0 (Freeware)
  8. CollabNet GitEye : Manage development repositories locally or on the cloud, tracking bugs, planning further tasks and reviewing the code of your applications
  9. Delphi Code Template Editor 1.0 (Freeware)
  10. Delphi Code Template Editor : This is an editor for the Delphi's template file (delphi32.dci)

Utilities Free Downloads

  1. 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper 3,2,9 (Demo)
  2. 7thShare Any Blu-ray Ripper : Rip all of your favorite Blu-ray quality movies fast and efficiently while also performing some editing features with the help of this neat application
  3. VPN PRO (Freeware)
  4. VPN PRO : Connect to any of the available VPN servers from countries around the world and conceal your real identity to protect your privacy while online
  5. DirPrintOK 3.07 (Freeware)
  6. DirPrintOK : Preview the content of the printing directory and manage the file details that you want to print along with the data using this tool
  7. Keepmark 1.3.0 (Demo)
  8. Keepmark : Keep order and stay organized with your documents and files thanks to the help of this capable repository manager that offers increased customization
  9. ClearView RC Flight Simulator 5.34 (Demo)
  10. ClearView RC Flight Simulator - Learn how to operate radio controlled helicopters and planes before using the real models using this simple and straightforward app